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blade machine for clipper blade sharpening,
Blade & Shear Sharpening
The sharpest, best cutting, and longest lasting clipper blades are produced by the sharpeners who care about their clients.
Probably the most important part of your work is to make sure your blades are sharp and your clippers itself are in good working order! This is a must in the hair industry! This ensures accuracy to your work and your name for clients! Dull blades will potentially make you perform your job not so well, and give your clients a new outlook on how good you are at your job, even if it’s not you, but your machine!
All your clients know is that you either do a fantastic job, an alright job or a poor job, with dull clippers of course!
Our blade sharpening system is top of the line and all proper procedures are done efficiently and precisely. We do any size, model or condition of blades. All blades are tested in a number of ways to ensure maximum life and durability. All blade sharpening is guaranteed to be done correctly and accurately!
All blades are sharpened, thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, oiled, and adjusted. Any blade that needs replacement parts is available when sharpening. No blade will be returned defective. All blades must be in working order. They are ready to go when you receive them back!

Refurbished equipment also available! 
     Blade Sharpening:                                                                      Clipper Service:
     2 Times Sharper than New!    
                                                                                      Repairing A-5 types and ALL
Blades ---------- $6.00 / Set                                      small motor driven  clippers are:
 Large Blades $7.00 / Set                                                      $19.95 / Unit, plus parts.
Scissor Sharpening
Up to 6 Times Sharper Than New!
Professional Barber And Grooming Shears ------------- $ 10.00
High Quality Beauty & Grooming Shears ------------------ $ 19.95
Sewing Shears -----------------------------------------------------$ 12.00
Heavy Duty Upholstery & Fabric Shears ------------------- $ 13.95
 Pinking Shears -----------------------------------------------------$ 12.00
Household Scissors --------------------------------------------- $ 6.50
Knive Sharpening
Kitchen, Hunting & Fishing Knives ---------------------- $ 7.50
Meat Cleavers -------------------------------------------------$ 7.95
Pocket Knives ------------------------------------------------ $ 4.95