Lue-Lue's World - Caring for your pet is in our nature!
Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all pets to Lue-Lue's. Before your pets grooming session starts, we will discuss grooming needs, behavior and health. Then, we'll create a custom grooming plan for you. We promise a safe and clean environment for all pets, at all times.
Here at Lue-Lue's we offer a variety of services. All services are conducted in a gentle, compassionate manner.
Caring for your pet(s) is in our nature!
All breeds, sizes and temperaments!
Packages include:
Basic Package:
Speciality Shampoo
               (repels the dirt & dog smell)
Deep Brushing
Nails Trimmed
Ears Cleaned
Requested Breed Cut
Re-Freshening Spray
1 Hair Bow
 Preferred Package!
Full Service:
In addition to everything in the Basic Package, you'll also receive:
Nails Filed
Teeth Brushed
Breath Freshener
Ears Powdered
Anal Glands Checked and Expressed if needed
Tear Stain Application
(De-shedding Tool):
      The FURminator is a tool used to express undercoat out of an animal. This service is done until the shedding hair has been expressed at least by 90%!
Super Package Service:
In addition to everything the Full Service Grooming offers, you'll also receive:
Deep Conditioning 
           (wrapped in warm towel for 10 min)
FURminator (no time limit!)
Foaming Facial Scrub
             (exfoliates the muzzle)
Pad Moisturizing
2 Hair Bows
Speciality Shampoos
Argon Oil- Replenishes the skin & coat with oils

Isle of Dogs:
Triple Strenght Even Primrose Oil SMP: Medicated- DRY, FLAKY, RED, INFLAMED, SMELLY SKIN
Prices for each package vary depending on the weight of the dog or cat. All services done by Lue-Lue's is based on the weight of the animal, not by the breed or style of cut being provided!
Matted or aggressive pets will be charged accordingly.