Lue-Lue's World - Caring for your pet is in our nature!
Lue-Lue's day-care offers your pet a day of relaxing. Your pet has the freedom of wandering about and doing their own thing! They are taken outside for walks very frequently, fed, and provided water at all times. Exercise is done regularly. Proof of vaccines mandatory.
You are welcome to provide your pet with their own food. we will provide your pet with the choice of food that we carry here at Lue-Lue's.
Day-Care is done hourly, for those who need the care more frequently, passes are available.
Time:                                                                  Price:
2 Hours-                                                            $6.99
5 Hours-                                                            $13.49
10 Hours-                                                          $25.99
14 Hours-                                                          $40.00
pass: Up to 14 hours in one day. Good for 60 days!                                $194.99
1 Week pass: Up to 8 hours in one day. Good for 45 days!                     $116.99
2 Week Pass: Up to 8 hours in one day. Good for 60 days!                     $222.89
3 Week Pass: Up to 8 hours in one day. Good for 75 days!                     $317.49         
may accompany!

4 Week Pass: Up to 8 hours in one day. Good for 90 days!                      $399.99
may accompany!